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Parish Council Minutes - September 2013

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 10th September 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs, Panton, Butler, Jackson, Mercer, Mr. George Heaton, Mrs. Dawn Hancock together with Clerk Susie Harrison.



There were apologies from PC Marsh and Cllr Kath Graham.


Open Meeting

Cllr Butler spoke regarding the units on the A6 which Rogerson’s own, that are now being used to sell used cars. It was decided that the Clerk would email Lancaster City Council Planning Department to check as to whether Rogerson’s applied to the council for a change of use.  

George Heaton spoke about the scaffolding which surrounds the barn beside the New Inn, Yealand Conyers. Mr. Heaton said that the whole area is an “eyesore” and that the scaffolding had been in place for over 2 years yet no work appears to have been done. It was decided that the Clerk would write to Robinsons Brewery who own the New Inn to determine when work will start and if there is no progress the Clerk would contact to Lancaster City Council. 

Cllr Butler said that the AONB were going to produce a 3 year plan. The Cllrs were asking for a more flexible clear definition of what the AONB is and it’s planning regulations. The proof will be ready in 3 months’ time.

Cllr Butler said he has spoken to the RSPCA regarding the cutting of hedges and the effect it has on wildlife and to AONB re guidelines for when the work could be carried out. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd July 2013

The minutes were approved and signed by the Vice Chair Cllr Panton. 

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Matters arising from the previous minutes:

Wind Turbine Burton Services

Lancaster City Council and South Lakeland District Council have both approved the wind turbine. 

Superfast Broadband

Christine White and Dawn Hancock both met with Julia Watts from BT to discuss the result of the questionnaires which were delivered to all the houses in Yealand Conyers. They had an excellent response and Julia Watts said that Conyers were definitely going to get superfast broadband and that we are in the plan for rural services, also because we’ve been pro- active BT have put in a submission for Conyers to be priority. BT is going to apply for funding from DEFRA and it’s looking very positive but we still need village involvement. 

Once we get permission we will get a box situated in the village and then every house will need a separate contract but residents will not be tied into BT, they will be free to use any broadband provider. Julia Watts said they would use existing telephone wires and there was no need to dig up the road. Date of the work to go ahead is 2015. Julia Watts has got all the questionnaires and needs to correlate evidence, she needs to prove there’s a real need for the community to have it. 

Update re proposed 20mph speed limit Yealand School.

Paul Binks project manager for the 20mph program has said in an email about the suitability of the proposed part time advisory 20mph outside the school compared with the permanent 20mph speed limit scheme covering Yealand Redmayne, Conyers and Yealand School. The part time school advisory scheme would mean there would be flashing signs at school start and end time, meaning there is more impact at the critical times than having a permanent 20mph through the village.

Consultation for the part time 20mph scheme took place between the 15th October and 5th November 2012. As a result of the comments received they decided to extend the length the scheme would cover.  As objections were received the report concerning the school scheme is being considered by the Cabinet Member of Highways and Transport on the 10th October 2013.  


Subject to its approval the aim would be to start installing the flashing signs soon after that. 

Paul Binks has been looking for locations to site the SPiD signs. The roads through Yealand are narrow and in many instances there are no footpaths which makes safe deployment for the signs limited. Paul has been liaising with PC Marsh on a proposal to support the parish council in the area and pooling resources and purchasing their own SPiD signs but the Cllrs were concerned about the costs and safety one of these signs and the council as this is not included in this year’s budget.

Dykes Lane

There has been little response to the Clerks emails re the vegetation and overhanging trees on Dykes Lane and the clerk was going to make further enquiries. PC Marsh emailed Highways regarding this and they responded saying that most hedges along the Highway are under private ownership and in these cases the Highways authority cannot take arbitrary action on private property. The Highways team will initially issue 2 letters consecutively to the house holder allowing 29 days for the vegetation to be pruned. The Cllrs asked for an update and which day the notices had been served and what action were the Highways going to take.

War Memorials

No new updates re the war memorial and centenary in 2014. 


Chair resignation letter

The Clerk received the Chair Maureen Calnan’s letter of resignation.


Co-opt in new councilor

Cllr Butler proposed Dawn Hancock as Chair and it was seconded by Cllr Mercer, it was unanimously agreed.


Police Report

There were 2 offences recorded. 

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Santander have written to the Clerk to say that the bank accounts held with them can be view only. Two new signatories were elected Chair Dawn Hancock and Vice Chair Jane Panton and it was discussed as to whether to close down the deposit acct and to only have a current account. £1000 was moved from the deposit acct to the current acct. 

Cheque No: 000264  £229.50 Clerk Wages

Cheque No: 000265  £   5.00  LALC 


Conclusion of Audit

The annual return has been approved and accepted by Yealand Conyers Parish Council. There were no matters to report.



The Clerk was due to meet with gardener Paul Jolly re the vegetation and over hanging branches on Yealand Road and Peter Hill.

The planter beside the pump at Yealand Conyers has started to rot and the Cllrs asked the Clerk to contact Mark Sharples to obtain a quote to build a new planter.


Planning Applications

Planning Ref: 13/00798/FUL

Demolition of a section of wall to curtilage of listed building to form a pedestrian gateway and partial demolition of an outbuilding beyond curtilage in a conservation area to improve vehicle access and sight lines. The Cllrs approved of the plans and agreed visibility would be much improved.


Lancaster District Local Plan

The Cllrs agreed this was something that they needed to keep up to date with. There are 2 key documents due to be published, one being the Preparation of the Local Plan for Lancaster District 2011 – 2026 and the second one being a Consultation on the Statement of Community involvement. 

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CVS Volunteer Awards

Residents can be nominated to receive an award for anyone who plays a key role in the community and who deserves to be recognized.

Cllr Butler spoke about the neighborhood watch scheme which used to operate in the village but has since ceased. Cllr Butler asked if the Clerk could enquire as to how this could be set up again. 

Date for the next meeting: Wednesday 6th November 2013.


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