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Parish Council Minutes - September 2014

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9th September 2014 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Jackson, Heaton with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Open Meeting

Chair Hancock spoke about the New Inn and the hedge in the beer garden which runs parallel to the road. It has recently been cut down completely and there have been concerns from parishioners regarding this. The Chair said she thought  that Robinson’s Brewery would require planning permission to remove the hedge as it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Cllr’s were concerned as to what would replace the hedge as there is a steep drop onto the road from the beer garden. The other concern the Cllrs had was regarding the colour scheme the New Inn was going to be repainted.  Chris Southern, surveyor for Robinsons Ltd has emailed to say that works proceeded on the New Inn 11th August and they have decided as a brewery to upgrade the externals of the pub as well as the remedial repairs to the barn. They are looking at completion of all works by the 29th September inclusive of a full re-roof of the adjacent barn and other safety remedial works, to include full external repairs and decoration to the pub and a new signage scheme. The Clerk will email both Robinsons brewery and the surveyor who is dealing with this work regarding the hedge and what colour the pub they are proposing to paint it. 

Mike Rothwell has offered to do the internal audit for the Parish Council next year 2015. 

Chair Hancock has received an email from Rachel Harrod District Lead Officer for Lancashire Highway Services regarding the request for a grit bin halfway down Peter Lane (entrance to shared drive of 21 Yealand Road and Peter Hill Barn) to say that it does not meet the criteria for the provision of a grit bin, as there is another grit bin within 100 metres of this location.

Also the request for Dykes Lane does not meet the required criteria for provision of a grit bin due to the reason that the location is on a secondary network, which is treated a soon as possible during periods of continuous ice and snow, but only when the priority roads network is clear.

Cllr Heaton asked if Lancaster City Council grit up Peter Hill as this a bus route but the Chair said they don’t. 

The planning application for Deerslet, Burton in Kendal for a 46.3m high wind turbine is still pending, no decision has been reached yet.

The retrospective planning application at Unit 1, Tarnwater, A6 for the change of use from a storage/office to specialist car filming business and car sales is still pending a decision. 



Sue Brown Clerk for Yealand Redmayne Parish Council.

Page 399 


Minutes of the meeting held on July 2nd, 2014 were approved and signed by Chair Hancock. 


Matters Arising

Community Payback Scheme

The Clerk received an email on the 20/08/14 to say that the Community Payback scheme has in place the new tipper vehicle. Roger Scanlon Probation Officer had instructed a supervisor to carry out the work requested in Yealand Conyers in the following week. There was discussion between the Cllrs as to who has cut the hedgerow back and the vegetation on the roadside as it has all been cleared. The opposite side has been done by Alan Tyldesley who resides at Quakers, the Clerk is to write and thank him for his hard work. The Clerk is to email Roger Scanlon to see if his team have been out as there are still the nettles which need cutting back on Peter Hill.

The Chair will mention in the next village newsletter the need for parishioners to maintain their own curtilage. 

Road Repairs to Yealand Road Highways Response 

The Clerk has been in communication with Mr Sim Lane-Dixon, Public Realm Manager for Flyde, Lancaster and Wyre Highways regarding the extremely poor state of the road surface on Yealand Road. There have been concerns from the parishioners as to how the Council allocate which roads are due to be resurfaced. The Clerk emailed Mr Lane Dixon to make him aware that not only is Yealand Road on a bus route but that it also links all the villages together and is a national Sustrans cycle route, there have been a number of cyclist accidents due to the poor condition of the road. Mr Lane Dixon’s response was that Yealand Road hadn’t been flagged up as a priority and that they would monitor the situation. 

Dykes Lane update

The Clerk emailed Rachel Harrod, District Lead Officer for Lancashire Highway Services to enquire as to when the overgrowth on Dykes Lane would be cut back as the bird nesting season had now finished. Rachel Harrod replied on the 08/09/14 to say that an order has been raised with the engineer for the overgrowth to be cut back and the wall would be re-inspected to determine if there was any risk to the highway. She anticipates the work will be carried out in the next month.  

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The Parish Council has bought one new neighbourhood watch sign which has since been erected on Dykes Lane. A ‘flyer’ went out with the village newsletter re the neighbourhood watch scheme. There is no neighbourhood watch officer at present as Andy Denton (Neighbourhood Watch Officer)  has been redeployed hence Dawn has not received any information to put on the Parish website as of yet.

The Chair and Cllr’s agreed that the Parish Council would pay the invoice for the extra page in the parish magazine. 

Page 400

Superfast Broadband update

As far as BT are concerned Yealand Conyers Parish Council have been given notice that they do not feature in Superfast Lancashire’s current deployment plans. The Government has given extra funding via the Superfast extension programme so there is a possibility of including Yealand Conyers in the future. This money has to cover the whole of Lancashire. We have raised enough money in pledges to work with B4YS to bring superfast to the village hall. This community project is now in a position to have final plans drawn up and formally approach landowners for way leaves. 

New Inn

Please see Open Meeting minutes. 


Chair Hancock  said she would plant up the village planter with bulbs and generally tidy the ‘village pump area’. 


Resignation of Councillor

The Chair received a letter of resignation from Cllr Beryl Mercer, the Chair is to write and thank Cllr Mercer for her contribution to the Parish Council.

The vacancy will be advertised on the Parish notice board and the village website. 


Police Report

There was no police report to report as the Clerk didn’t receive one from the Police. Cllr Heaton said that we should write to the Police Commissioner regarding the lack of community policing. The Clerk is to email PC Sarah Leverton and PC Richard Barr and invite them to attend the village ‘Coffeestop’ and meet the parishioners. 



            Cheque No: 000285    £8.00               Mr M.Rothwell

            Cheque No: 000286    £42.96             Limelight Signs

            Cheque No: 000287    £227.50           Clerk Wages 

            Santander Acct Balance: £1,987.64 


Conclusion of the Audit

The annual return has been approved and accepted by Yealand Conyers Parish Council.

There were 3 items flagged up on the matters arising report: 

Page 401

Overdrawn bank balance 

·   Recommendation: The Parish Council must introduce monthly or quarterly budget monitoring to ensure there is enough money available before expenditure being authorised 

Minor Issues

·   The Council have included grant monies received in box 2 not box 3 – total other receipts grants. When l enquired regarding this they said that the £80 the Parish Council received for the Council tax grant should have been put in box 3. 

Additions in the year not included in the Annual Returns.

·   The Audit said the Council had not included all additions or replacements on the agenda as they assumed the Parish Council had purchased a new computer for the Clerk. The Clerk informed them this was not correct as the computer needed an updated Windows package



14/0093/TCA Felling of conifer trees and hedge.

                   40 Yealand Road, Yealand Conyers -  no concerns raised. 

14/00799/FUL  Erection of an extension to existing agricultural building.

                  Moss House Farm, New Road, Yealand Conyers -  no concerns were raised.

Date of next meeting : Tues 04/11/2014


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