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Parish Council Minutes - September 2015

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Page, City Councillor Susan Sykes, Sue Tyldesley together with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Open Meeting

Cllr Panton talked about the road surface by the New Inn as you go past the pub on the left hand side is in need of being repaired, the Clerk will contact Highways regarding this.

City Counsellor Susan Sykes introduced herself and said she was happy to attend as many Parish meetings as we require and she is there to help everyone.

The Clerk is to ask the Lengthsman to tidy and strim the roadside up Yealand Road and Peter Hill and paint the seat by the Yealand Manor. Cllr Page will ask Matthew Allen to cut back his side of the hedge on Yealand Road as it is his responsibility to maintain this. 



Lucy Arthurs. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2015.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes: 

New Inn Update

Yealand Conyers Parish Council applied to make the New Inn Public House an Asset of Community Value and we are awaiting the decision from Lancaster City Council on this. Andy Denwood Chair of FOTNI called a meeting on the 20th August 2015 to see if the New Inn was made an ACV what options are available. Cllr Sykes has been informed and she asked what the village wants to see happen with the New Inn and Chair Hancock said that the village do want to keep it as a Public House. Chair Hancock said it is difficult to move forward until we know the outcome of the ACV and the Councilís decision.

Sue Tyldesley queried the boundaries and Chair Hancock said that it is all under the same curtilage and this has been clarified with the Conservation Officer at Lancaster City Council. Cllr Panton said that as it is a Listed Building then Robinsons should have been contacted by the Conservation Officer as they have a duty of care to maintain the building. The whole site is listed so there should be no application from Robinsonís to attempt to sell the land and barn separately. 

Page 418 


Co-opting a Councillor

Chair Hancock welcomed Sue Tyldesley onto the Parish Council. There were no other applications. 


Changes to external audit

By 2017 any Parish Councilís budget not exceeding 25k will not be required to submit an audit. From the 1st July 2015 we need to display more information on the Parish website.  We need to show payments over £100, date expenditure incurred and what the payment for .  VAT has to be separated.  Annual Accounts , Bank Reconciliation ,Annual governance statement and internal audit report, have to be displayed  The two assets have to put on the website, MUGA and the Pound on Dykes Lane which used to be used as an animal enclosure. The Parish Council would be required to publish the draft minutes within one month of the meeting and the Agenda to be displayed, Details of the Councillors and their responsibilities also have to be shown. The Council already does many of the above. Chair Hancock said that we would need to be vigilant in ensuring that all information is displayed on the Parish website and it is itemised clearly in accordance with the Transparency Code. 


Application form to join Society of Local Council Clerks

It was felt that it would be advisable for the Clerk to become a member of this society due to all the new legislation coming in, the Clerk will apply to become a member. 



            SLCC Membership                               £48.00

            Santander Current Acct Balance        £2,388.88 


Conclusion of Audit

There were two items which were raised by the conclusion of the audit, these were that the War Memorial was to be included as an asset, Although the costs for the cleaning and upkeep are shared between both Parish Councils, the Clerk needs to clarify with the Audit Commission to whether the War Memorial is an asset. There was some confusion about valuing the Assets. The Clerk was asked to contact BDO about this matter. The approved Annual Return was approved and accepted by Yealand Conyers Parish Council.  The Notice of Conclusion of Audit will be displayed on the Parish noticeboard and the Parish website together with the bank reconciliation. 



SLDC SL/2015.0627

Application for a wind turbine at Green Dragon Farm, Burton in Kendal.

The proposed wind turbine is not within our Parish but will be visible to some Parishioners houses. The AONB wrote a detailed report on the impact of visibility and

Page 419

are concerned over the cumulative visible impact effect of these wind turbines on the area. Chair Hancock asked if the Councillors wanted to comment. Cllr Panton queried what are the subsidiaries for wind turbines, Cllr Sue Tyldesley did not wish to comment at the present time as she hadnít as of yet received the information regarding the proposed application but she felt that there is a need for some to be allowed and queried how do we get the balance right but did admit/agree that theyíre not right for every area. 


The Parish Council received a letter from Livos Energy Limited regarding a proposed Solar Farm Proposal on Cinderbarrow Lane, Cinderbarrow. Livos Energy Ltd proposes to develop a Solar farm on land lying south of Cinderbarrow Lane, Priest Hutton. The proposed development comprises low lying photovoltaic panels and associated equipment.

Chair Hancock attended the meeting that Livos held to inform people about the proposed development. The solar panels will be 10ft high in rows and they will be black/blue panels, there will be no reflection off them. A hedge surrounding the perimeter of the fields will be allowed to grow to 3 meters to lessen the visibility of them. All the power will be sold back to the grid. No Planning Application has formally been applied for as of yet as this is just the pre consultation paper so nothing is official yet. The application was probably put in due to funding and then further details are to follow at a later date.

Another Solar Farm Proposal on Cinderbarrow Lane was received from TGC Energy Ltd by the Parish Council on the 02/09/15. This proposed solar farm would be to the North of the first application. Chair Hancock said that although neither of these solar farms are in our Parish the panels would be visible to some houses within the Yealand Parish. 

The consultation meeting for the second Solar Farm is on 07/10/15 and a member from the Parish Council will attend. 



Listed building application for the installation of two air source pumps

St. Johns Church, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers. 

Cllr Tyldesley said that these were an alternative to a conventional boiler and are very good in older buildings as they are efficient, economical and green and ideal to use in difficult to heat buildings.

No objections. 


Installation of two air source pumps.

St Johns Church, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers.

No objections


Works to Tree 1 Horse Chestnut

Beechfield, Yealand Road, Yealand Conyers.

Page 410

No objections. 

Date of next meeting:   04/11/2015


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