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Parish Council Minutes - Sept 2016

Minutes of the Annual Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 7th September 2016 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Chair  Dawn Hancock; Councillors Lucy Arthurs, Jane Panton, Sue Tyldesley

Members of the public - Maureen and John Calnan

1415 Apologies


1416 Open Meeting

Local residents  spoke about problems of disruption of water supply - both loss and low pressure. This is not a new problem - one resident had flooding when water came  back suddenly  a couple of years ago. It had improved but has now got significantly worse again. They understand that there is a monitoring device which should have records of water  pressure and are concerned about the caravan/chalet sites taking too much water. They  request that the Parish Council writes to United Utilities asking for an explanation and improvement in the situation.

1417  Minutes of Meeting  held on Wednesday  6th July

These were approved by all and signed by the Chair.

1418 Matters arising

Clerk - the chair has written to nearby Parishes (Warton and Silverdale) but  has received no interest. The clerk to Yealand Redmayne feels that she does not have the capacity to take on more work. The  post will be re advertised on the LALC website and put in the Parish magazine.

We have been informed that we are too large (more than 150 electors) to be a Parish Meeting. There will be a community governance review in 2018 and it has been suggested that we might  sound out  nearby councils  to consider merger before this. Our chair will ask Yealand Redmayne PC  to consider this on their next agenda and will attend the meeting.

Notice board - this is now in place and was fixed free of charge by Billy Hughes.

Disaster Plan - the Chair  will prepare a simple plan in conjunction with Yealand Redmayne Parish Council.

1419 Pavement clearance

Community payback came today and did a good job clearing the footpath along Yealand Road. They have been asked to do some work near the pub and by the village pond.

Hedges were recently cut back  in preparation for the road closure.

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1420 Road closure

Warton Road is now closed. There has been additional traffic reported in Dykes Lane. The bus service is now running and is free and we hope the community will use it. 

1421 Defibrillator

This is now in place in the porch of the  Quaker Meeting House and the box went in at the village hall today. Training will take place at 7pm on 22nd September in the village hall and those interested in the training should book with Dawn. ( there is no charge)

1422 Data Protection

The Parish Council is now registered for data protection.

1423 Audit

We have so far not heard back from the auditor.

1424 Finance

The website domain has been renewed for 2 years for 16.78 and the defribillator electrical works cost 180. We are awaiting the electricity installation certificate.

The insurance company will include the defibrillator for free this year and will let us know the additional charge for future years (probably 25).

1425 Pension requirements

The Parish Council does not  have any employees at present but has  had to register. If  an employee is taken on, they would be eligible for a pension which must be arranged within 6 weeks of commencement of employment.  Two schemes have been suggested  - Nest or Local Government t pension scheme. The latter is more expensive. The former is preferred at present.  Councillor Arthurs will make some inquiries about the appropriate procedure given that we presently have no employees. 

1426  Date of next meetings

2nd November 2016,

18th January 2016,

1st March 2017


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